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Focused Scale, Quality Service

Home Based FFL and Gear Shop

Space Cowboy Armaments currently is a home based business, and as such we keep very little inventory on site. Our aspiration is to eventually move into a brick and mortar shop, but until then please visit our expansive online inventory! We are committed to high quality and service for all our customers! Don't see what you want in the store? Just ask us! We can do custom orders and builds.

We can ship to any FFL in the USA, or if your are local you can pick it up from us directly!


Passion and Purpose

We started Space Cowboy Arms to help people gain access to the tools and gear they need for what ever life throws at them. From hunting, home defense, LEO, Armed Security, or just range toys... We got you covered with the best firearms, ammo, and accessories available. 

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We are a small independent shop, and primarily work off appointments and online orders. Email is best way to contact, but if you call please leave a VM!

Littleton, CO 80128  |  Tel: 720-204-3091

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In the Shop and At the Range...

Our Partners


We believe safety and proficiency are responsibilities that come with firearm ownership, so we recommend all gun owners spend time training and honing their skills to ensure safe and proper handling of their firearms. To help support our customers gain access to solid training, we have partnered with Strong Warrior : Israeli Combat Solutions. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to receive these promotions!  

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